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Night Rider Turbo Night Rider Turbo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Got 15.7, pretty good, I like it. Unique idea, and excellent music. Nice touch allowing us to hit the radio and swap between 4 songs. Well done!

Module Blue Module Blue

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked it. Controls were ultra smooth, tune was catchy, the ships looked fantastic, and the lack of background can be forgiven on account of the impeccable framerate. At least half of the upgrade system was solid; I can't speak to any of the defensive ones because I didn't bother with them at all, but I can say for certain it was quite fun to keep on increasing my bullet count. I'm a sucker for modules/options/pods/floaty, orbity dealies that help me shoot things. The game kept me interested and engaged the whole way through, and I thought the laser ships were a nice touch that added a bit more variety and action. I ended with 30 dmg, 3 cannons and 6 modules, after wave 35. And then I played wave 36 so I could hear the song again. My only disappointments were the lack of boss battles, and the fact that new enemy types stopped appearing too soon for my liking. As far as possible improvement goes, addressing those things would be great for starters. Also, I noticed there's no graphic or sound that alerts you to the fact that you've just taken damage. Other than those hangups, you've got a really simple, solid game here. I wouldn't say it necessarily needs improvement, but if you do decide to carry further on with this, you've got a great foundation and I'm sure whatever it becomes would be fantastic. Mind you, I know nothing about this "construct 2 touch" jam, so... Yep. Just reviewing the game as I see it, and I like what I see.

TRON:Lightcycle Challenge TRON:Lightcycle Challenge

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

WAY too addicting

but I love it. It took me quite a few tries to beat the first three or so levels, but it gets really fun once you learn a bit about what to do and not do in order to live longer than about 4 seconds XD It gets much easier once you admit the opponents have a faster reaction time than you and will NOT die no matter how many times you try to play chicken with them lol. My only complaint is that the last stage didn't last nearly long enough. I played through the whole game a second time just so I could face him again, haha. Anyways great job on the programming, mate, those little !@#$%^&s are really hard to kill.

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Project Wasteland 0 Project Wasteland 0

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I've been waiting a long time for this release, even if it is still technically a demo. And, it was all I expected and more since your last playable demo. The new scenarios were sweet, and I enjoyed tangling with all the new types of monsters. Awesome stuff aside for a moment, I do have a complaint. I'm sure it could be fixed by adding better weapons, but as it stands player-controlled melee is severely underpowered compared to ranged combat. I've played through this version twice, the first time putting all stat points into PER and skill points into Firearms. It was great, difficult at times, but pretty easily doable as long as I thought before I shot. I think I only died once or twice before I got to freeplay. On my second runthrough of the game, I put all stat points into AGI and skill points into mellee till it reached 100%, then the rest into medic. And... I still haven't beaten it. After so long the sledgehammer just doesn't cut it. I've gotten to the last two scenarios, and I could probably beat downtown with a lot of strategy and a bit of luck, but I don't think I'll be clearing spider's nest with a melee-oriented character. At least not without weapons beyond the sledgehammer or one more AP. Which would be awesome.

Having said all that, I don't know if you intended ranged to be far better than melee, but some exceptional melee weapons in the last shop would be most welcome. Also having a way to increase AP would be nice, but I could see things getting way out of hand if you could.

Also, I found some glitches for ya. The first one was definitely odd, but nothing game-breaking. During one of my many attempts to beat spider's nest with my hammer-happy raccoon, one of the black team raiders was near the middle of the stage, and he walked toward the left wall. But he didn't stop. He walked completely through it and out to the other side, then stopped. So far that's only happened once. The second glitch is similar, but it was at the ...2nd(?) Junkyard scenario. A blue team raider with an AR walked toward the bottom of the screen, and kept going till he went of the screen completely. That froze the game. All the menus and buttons still worked so I was able to quit to map, but no one could move or take any actions after he did that. The third glitch was at the last Junkyard scenario, and a blue team raider with a SG walked a normal distance, then froze. No one could move or do anything again, but I was still able to quit to map and start over. Finally, I don't know if this is really a glitch or not, but it has to do with the encumberance system you added. It's a nice touch, but it can be utterly defeated by just running around after a battle, gatherenig things, putting them all into one bag, then when everything is in it hitting take all and leaving with all the loot. I've managed to get away with about 395/150 weight in spoils so far. Also of note, when you are fully encumbered, I noticed the take all button doesn't work if you try to get more stuff, but you can still drag n' drop the items into your inventory individually and still get it all. And another thing, I recall reading somewhere in-game that picking up loot is supposed to take AP, but it doesn't. Wait, one more thing. I noticed if you run out of ammo in a clip, you can swap to another gun, use it up, and then swap back and the first gun will have automatically reloaded, free of AP charge. Dunno if you meant that, but it'd be more difficult and interesting, plus giving more incentive to melee if oyu still had to manually reload after swapping.

Lastly, a rquest. Legendary handgun please :D? Hope I've helped, and I'll continue to report anything major that I come across. There's still lots of experimenting to be done on hell and chaos mode. And I gotta get that OverKill gun :) And I'm nearly out of characters, so... Absolutely amazing start, I hope you get some of that stuff ironed out, and good luck with your next release!

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Wingmen Wingmen

Rated 4 / 5 stars

dunno why there's a lot of complaining...

This game kept my rapt attention throughout its entirety. The largest improvement I think could be made would be the ability to give orders to your planes, even if its only basic ones like "defend", or "patrol" instead of them all being stuck on "attack" all the time. I'd have loved to bide my time and then send six warfortresses at the enemy all at once >:]

The special abilities were a good idea, but the airstrike is EXTREMELY overpowered if used properly. It makes the aliens' little bug swarm power look like a joke.

By far my favorite part was the surprise final boss battle. 'Twas quite ewpic. Job well done, guys! Keep up the good work

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&amp;gt; Rhythm Rockets &amp;lt; > Rhythm Rockets <

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sweet game

Gives me something to "do" while I listen to my favorite tunes. Love it.

The Scale of the Universe The Scale of the Universe

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thanks for creating this.

By far one of the best half hours I've ever spent. This was very well-executed in my opinion, but like other reviewers said, real pictures would have improved it even more. Most of the drawings were clear and gave us an idea of what the things looked like, but actual photographs when possible would make it more impressive.

Sonic RPG Style Battle Sonic RPG Style Battle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well Done!

I see what you mean about my advice being dated! This is a great deal improved from your first movie, and your sprites and animations look so much better than before. I don't know why I thought that movie was your only thing on NG, guess I was too tired from just waking up to notice o.O

Anyway, on to the review: I really like the concept of this fight, and the fact that you really do have to use your limited resources wisely and fight smart to win. His machine-gun spamming took me by surprise the first time around and he killed me the moment I ran out of mp, but I got him the second time around. Personally I think the difficulty factor you put into play is spot-on.

Thanks for putting up his stats for us to look at, too. Didn't use them for the fights, but when I checked them out afterward, I noticed that his HP Recovery is very messed up compared to Sonic's Recoveries and MS's MP recovery. Every time he recovers HP, he'll lose at least 300 MP in the net equation, because the max he can recover is only 500 whereas it costs him 800. His MP recovery is fine, though, because it costs 600 and his base HP Recovery is 600, so he gains 0-200 net HP.

I pointed this out because with knowledge of this, it is far easier to let MS kill himself with his own recoveries than to do it yourself, which I noticed in my second playthrough. I only hit him with maybe 3-5 normal attacks and 4 magic attacks the entire bout, and he was dead. All the other turns were recover-fests on both of our parts. Which would be fine, if only MS received the same net gains as Sonic does during alternation of recoveries.

If you meant for that to MS's achilles' heel, then nevermind and good job. If not, I would change his MP cost for HP recovery to 500, which still gives him a net loss 0-200 MP, or even a cost of 300 MP to give him a net gain of 0-200 MP, similar to the HP net gain 0-200 he gets from MP recovery. Doing the latter would certainly up the difficulty to much higher level, maybe too much, but it would be a lot more of a challenge to defeat him and lessen the chances of lucky victories.

Now that that's out of the way, I was thinking you could add a "counter" option to the character's movelists. A succesful counter could cost maybe 200HP & 100MP (for Sonic), and stop the attacker, damaging them instead. Obviously if your opponent recovers instead attacks when you try to counter, you just wasted a turn, some points, & they got some. This would make it a risky manouver, but would be well worth it if you managed to counter a highly damaging magic attack.

You could have plenty of fun with the animations for counters, too. I can just see Sonic trying to attack MS, he counters by grabbing his foot, and throws him at the ground, bouncing him back to his spot on his left. XD

Now I think I'll go watch your other vids.

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flashman16 responds:

holy crap a wall for a reply. not had one of these in a LONG time :)
time to reply per paragraph:

Lol, we all make mistakes :)

Actually it USED to be harder but I was getting 0-bombed since people kept whinging that it was too hard to i changed a few of the stats, making it more even

Yes, I figured that would make the fight a bit easier If i restricted his heals and recovery somewhat

Nice to see somebody found a working strategy to win

Hehe, perhaps what i've already said is a good enough reply to this paragraph

Many people have put in suggestions for more features, and while a 'counter' attack would be the first time it's not the only suggestion that's been made ;)

Hehe, yes that would be fun, but dont you think that would be more of a move for somebody like Knuckles?

I hope you have fun watching them.

Thank you once again for your review

Sonic Garden Sonic Garden

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

Overall, I think this is an ok game. I don't think anyone's done something like this using Sonic before, so you get some originality points. A thing to consider would be perhaps making Sonic's hitbox a tad smaller, as I noticed often things damaged me when I didn't touch them. Also, for this type of game, power-ups are always fun. You were creativ enough to make this game, so I'm sure oyu could come up with some apple or fruit-based addition to Sonic's arsenal.

Of course this is all assuming you're going to continue to work on it. If so, additional characters would be nice too. At least Tails & Knuckles, and maybe Shadow for the hell of it. I got to wave 11 myself before I stopped paying attention, and it was good so far. It does start off a little slow, though.

As for the song, I think it fits well. SFX however, namely the sound of the apples hitting the ground, were rather annoying, at least when wearing headphones. Might want to change that particular one. Just a simple *thud* type sound suffice, I think.

As far as power-ups go, I just thuoght of a few. You could perhaps have green apples that split into pieces as you throw them, creating a shotgun-like effect. Or maybe yellow apples the explode when they hit an enemy.

All-in-all, good work so far, and keep at it

Canabalt Canabalt

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very addictive and enjoyable

First of all, I love how the game is engineered so that if you run 1,000 miles without hitting an obstacle, that's when the song gets more intense. And again 2,000. Combined with the sheer speed you are moving at that point, it's very exhilirating to hear that amazing song. Kudos to you two for that alone.

Personally, I think it would be fantastic if you guys made a toon based on this game. Just my two cents. Needless to say, this song would make for a great action sequence in a movie, and the robots, airships and stuff flying around and trying to smash you could also make for a great action flick. Give it a thought?